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Surgical Equipment, RF Electro-Surgical Unit

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Surgical Equipment, RF Electro-Surgical Unit[Inter-Kor Inc.]


ELECTRO-SURGICAL UNIT  RF-180 (High Frequency Innovation)

- What is H.F. Coagulation?

It is a way of coagulation to the 5mm depth of tissue. From a patient plate with a large surface area, a high frequency current is conducted through the patient's body to an active electrode with a small surface area. In this way a high, specific current

density is obtained in the relatively narrow area of the active electrode. Once a given minimum value is exceeded, this current density eads to the tissue heating ( joule heat ), which is necessary for coagulation purposes, close to an active electrode. Therefore the purpose of coagulation is completely accomplished in the H.F. coagulation.

- The rate of complete recovery is the epoch-making change over than 95% at a time comparing any electro surgery with cold steel surgery. The reason is that the depth of coagulation is decided by the electrode itself being not affected and determined by doctor's skill, because the device is designed to coagulate to 5mm depth of tissue. That's why H.F. coagulation is a very simple and safe way of coagulation

Origin : Made in Korea

ELECTRO-SURGICAL UNIT  RF-120 (High Frequency Innovation)


- Obstetrics and Gynecology Operation

- Dentistry Operation

- Ophthalmology

- Hair root removal

- General Anus Surgery

- Hemostasis Micro

- Coagulation etc.

Origin : Made in Korea

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